Rally in the Valley

The Rally Rolls Out More Than $12,000 in Donations This Year

The final tallies from the eleventh annual Rally in the Valley are in and organizers from Greater Olean Area Chamber of Commerce are very pleased with the outcome. With the success of the event, they will be able to gift $12,000.00 to local charities. LEEK Hunting Preserve, Southern Tier Military Support Group, Boy Scout 617 Olean, Olean Airport Marketing, the ReHabilitation Center, the Dempsey Club, Olean High School Girls Soccer Team, Southern Tier Advanced Manufacturing, and Michele Krahe Peace Scholarship are all recipients of the event’s proceeds. With this year’s donations, the Rally in the Valley has been able to give more than 204,862.00 to local charities.

Rally in the Valley was introduced to the area by local business leaders who saw what other communities have done with similar events and wanted to bring that same type of experience to Olean. They knew the event would draw many people from outside the area and the longer they ran the event the larger it would grow. In addition, they knew there were many bikers in this area that would love an event like this that was close to home.

Co-Chairs of the Rally, Dennis Jones, Randy Langdon, DJ Dick, and Larry Penman all agreed, “This event gives all of us the opportunity to give back to the community. We’re all members of the community, and we live in the community. Motorcycles are a hobby to all of us and it’s great that we take our hobby and are able to raise funds for the community.”

“The stadium is the ideal place for this event - we hope that the future holds the opportunity to host this event at the stadium.” They added, “This event appreciates the continued support (physical, financial, and personal) that it receives from the sponsors, the City, the community, the volunteers – it’s a great feeling.”

“More than 943 participants (608 motorcycles) participated in Sunday’s Dice Run event (third highest in participation – 1052 in 2010, 1003 participants in 2012),” added Meme Yanetsko, GOACC COO. The 12th Annual Rally in the Valley is scheduled for August 20-24, 2014. For more information, call the Chamber at 716-372-4433.


(L-R) Jenny and Kim Lance, Ken and Kim Martin, LEEK Hunting & Mountain Preserve; Dick Messer, Olean Airport Marketing Group; DJ Dick, Rally Co-Chair; Naomi Beight, Southern Tier Military Support Group (partially hidden behind Langdon); Randy Langdon, Rally Co-Chair; Larry Penman, Rally Co-Chair; Dave and Irene Krahe, Michele Krahe Peace Scholarship; Kathleen Martel, STAMI Dream It Do It; Dennis Jones, Rally Co-Chair; Mari Howard, Michele Oakes-Bell, the ReHabilitation Center; Cortney Padlo, Kayla Henning, Olean High Soccer; and Tony Ludden, Boy Scouts 617 Olean. In front, Captain Kirk Ireland, Olean Dempsey Club.
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